The big questions in bmx today

1.  Have Adam.lz and Nicole rooted yet, I mean they're married now.
2.  Did Adam lz and Nicole root before getting married?
3.  Did Adam lz marry Nicole just to root her and rooted her and now realised marriage is for life and wants out
4.  Will the etnies video suck?   It has Nathan Williams and Aaron Ross so probably yes.  Hopefully chase hawk can redeem it
5.  Are Adam lz and Spencer foresman still friends?
6.  Will stranger ever release the Adam lz Sig frame or is this a feud in the making?
7.  Has Adam 22 completely neglected TCU to do a new project - no jumper
8.  How long before John Hicks stops making webisodes because his awkwardness on camera starts to pervade his every waking moment 
9.  Is scootering coooler than bmx?  Yes.

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