blackman and tonson

If you a nerd like me and spent the last ten years of your life watching bmx videos rather than riding then you might have come across a video from around 2006 featuring blackman and his friend tonson riding in NYC.

In the blackman TCU interview, in the comments someone asked "whatever happened to tonson?", Adam22 responds and without actually saying what happened to Tonson, says its a really sad story and that blackman can tell it really well

The other day I was on Instagram and scrolled past the TCU account.  Blackman had left a post in the comments.  I went to Blackmans instagram; he had a post featuring Tonson.  I went to Tonson's instagram and it has pictures of him in a wheelchair.  One of his photos has a comment saying "last day of high school, last day on my feet".  So the question is:  what happened to Tonson?

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  1. Apparently a dirt jump crash Chris