Coverage of BMX events

One of the things I've noticed recently is how many b,x media companies, like vital bmx, ride and dig are all covering the same events. In addition to that the same events are being covered by vloggers like Austin Augie, Alfredo Mancuso and to a lesser extent Adam LZ. Over the past weekend was some bmx event in a swap in Florida hosted by Trey Jones. Take a look on Youtube and for this event you can see it was covered by at 5 different relatively established content producers. So I was thinking what is the future of the coverage of BMX content and how was it done in the old days when it wasn't so accessible for any joe smoe to buy a camera, develop a following and cover an event.

I was thinking if I was the editor or ride or vital then I would probably have to consider which events should i actually attend taking into consideration if other companies would also be covering the same event. And the conclusion I came to would be that yeah, I'd probably want to cover everything and let the consumer decide which company they want to be loyal to. Alternatively a media company could decide they wanted to take their company in a certain direction by only covering certain types of events, or producing content in other ways, such as hosting video parts from DVDs looking at a scene or individual rider, or company - or anything in between.

But then I realise that maybe what media companies could do is come to an agreement with a content operator that they will be the only company to cover an event with exclusive rights. Or if a media company wants to cover an event they have to buy rights to do so. Just like in any other sport the right to cover an event is very expensive and expensive as the company covering the event can generate ad revenue from doing so. But at the moment, this doesn't appear to be the case with, as mentioned already, one event being covered by a lot of people. If you think about it, the person or company covering the contest or event benefits from youtube ad revenue they get from their coverage, but what does the contest organiser get? They get promotion of their event after the event has occurred, but that's it; as far as I can tell they do not get any monetary for organising the event from which you tubers benefit.

In terms of enforcing the rule of exclusive coverage, promoters I suppose could make known to those in attendance that rights to cover an event are exclusive. And any one that does this, would I suppose be told not to, or if they did cover it knowing it was exclusive I imagine they would be ostracised from the community.

I wonder what has happened in the past with covering events such as the X games. Usually these events were only covered by ridebmx. Funnily I can recall videos from TCU from X games contests that were filmed from the stands. So obviously there is some existing protocol in place to cover an event. Either way, this issue is a growing pain and is a good thing as it could help people wanting to operate professionally promote their media brand, and help promote event organisers put on more events by giving them a share of revenue generated from coverage.

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