Ridebmx TCU and Youtube

So in case you haven't noticed the TCU youtube channel is pretty much dead. The channel has been on the wane since creator Adam22 focused his energies on his other channel NoJumper. I am a fan of 22 and have always thought him intelligent and that he produced good content. The early days of the TCU blog where characateristed by thoughtful editorial on matters such as the indian giver which in a small way changed the people rode; his article made it no longer acceptable to roll out from fakie in the direction opposite to your spin. Difficult to explain in words LOL.

Anyways, TCU filled a void in BMX media left from the transition from print to digital and traditional BMX media's slow and reluctant transition to digital. TCU the website, the blog is now redundant. Basically on the blog you have someone who posts up all of the new and relevant BMX videos independently and subjectively deemed good or serious enough to put on the blog. Now you have Youtube which has a homepage which based on all the videos you watch and like puts videos into a feed for you to watch. So if you watch and like BMX videos it will put into your feed BMX videos that other people have liked. I don't know exactly how it works but in other words it feeds you content based on what you've liked before. In other words, there is no need for someone to manually post that shit on a blog anymore. In other words, TCU website is dead; the same function being performed now by some guy called Frenchie is being performed automatically by a computer program that is so intelligent is probably is french and has a french girlfriend with whom it performs cunnilingus.

Its good to see Ridebmx finally drop its magazine which no one could have been reading anyway and focus on its youtube channel. Their content has always been legit and a little more polished than TCU. TCU always had that feel of a publication that was put together in their mum's basement - a little bit less professional and a little bit more shit but still valuable with something to contribute. Shout out to all parties involved including Spilt Milk run by an dictator idiot Edward O.

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